fredag, desember 04, 2009

The French Session - December 5th @Mono

The Frog session.

Monodelica presents unforgettable French indie hits including the Henry's handball, the Wenger wankers' club, les Domenech je t'hais, Michelle Ma Belle Ensemble, Jean Paul Sartre et les "on n'a pas compris un mot", Toulalan et les la-la-la et Mickey 3D. Et Plastic Bertrand (un belge infiltré!)

With special guest djs Line & Ricardo

Mais oui!

torsdag, oktober 29, 2009

Monodelica med Yuri & Ricardo lørdag 7. november @ Mono

Cupfinalehelg og A-ha. Oj oj oj.

Vel, thank god for Monodelica!

Yuri & Ricardo spiller indierock, indiepop, noe new wave, noe 60s og noe nytt.

mandag, september 21, 2009

Garage 5 år

Kjempeprogram på Garage i Oktober! Garage feirer 5 år med stil: Wire, Buzzcocks, Enslaved, Malcolm Middleton, Drones...WOW! Thank you, Ben!

Ricardo & Yuri spilte en "Garagedelica" session etter In Gowan Ring konsert på lørdag. Masse svensker, ellers bra.

fredag, juni 12, 2009

MGMT (never mind the crappy name!)

Thanks to lucatoni for the suggestion. Check out MGMT on Myspace!

onsdag, juni 10, 2009

Dan Deacon

This guy is crazy, but we had fun at his gig in Barcelona!

lørdag, juni 06, 2009

Musikkfest: Monodelica w/ Yuri & Vegard

Monodelica @ Mono tonight after a long Music Day!

Yuri is back from the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona, and Vegard from Popsjokk is guest dj-ing!

lørdag, mai 02, 2009

Kurt Cobain's Cardigan

1. mai er over. Yuri & Ricardo spiller working class hits som Jump (Aztec Camera version), Lenny Valentino (Auteurs), Galaxy of the Lost (Lightspeed champion), She broke his penis in two (Loveninjas), I Lust You (Neon Neon), Mystery (Wipers), og masse flere...

I kveld, lørdag 2. mai, fra 22.30-ish på Mono

søndag, mars 29, 2009

The Ghost of Sandro session (4. april)

Sandro er midlertidig bortreist (Tonga? Trinidad & Tobago? Kola-halvøya?), men Monodelica fortsetter med Yuri, som endelig får lov å spille finsk tango og bossa nova lørdag 4. april på Mono. Fra kl. 23-ish.

The Ghost of Sandro Session: Beulah, Primary 5, Mahogany, Club 8, the Zebras (Zoff, Gentile, Cabrini), Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Summer Cats, the Parallelograms, Patrick Wolf, Oxford Collapse, Air Formation, Blueboy, etc etc

fredag, januar 30, 2009

Monodelica 07.02.09

Your indie heroes Sandro & Yuri are back in action!
See you at Mono Sat. 7 from 10.30 pm
The Blogspots Saved My Life Session
(Parental Advisory: Extreme Namedropping):

Falling Off the Lavender Bridge, the Sea Urchins, Lightspeed Champion, Spiritualized®, De Rosa, St. Christopher, Another Sunny Day, Heavenly, the Dylans, of Montreal, Even As We Speak, the Soup Dragons, the Servants, Gruff Rhys, Grizzly Bear, Field Mice, Bark Psychosis, Neon Neon, the Maps, Pavement, Lovekevins, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, dEUS, Long Blondes, the Vaselines, Julian Cope, Housemartins, Bob, Jugoplastika, Grammatics,
the Pastels, Primary 5, Quasi, the Raincoats...

tirsdag, januar 06, 2009

Pop Songs Your New Boyfriend's Too Stupid to Know About

Monodelica 10. januar 2009 @ Mono

The In-Kraut and Sarah Records session
Be ready for: Hip Shaking Grooves Made in Germany, the Tullycraft, the Sea Urchins, St. Christopher, Another Sunny Day, Heavenly, the Dylans, Even As We Speak, the Soup Dragons, the Servants, Field Mice...