tirsdag, juli 29, 2008

Monodelica "Island in the Sun" lørdag 02.08 @ Mono

Special guest star: Space Ghost

Ricardo & Yuri dj's

mens Sandro koser seg i St. Petersburg...

Vi kommer sikkert til å spille: Primal Scream, the Smiths, the Stone Roses, Art Brut, Pavement, Iggy Pop, the Primitives, Death Cab for Cutie, Postal Service, the Cure, the Fall, Los Campesinos, the Pixies, the Clash, Weezer, Joy Division, the Jesus and Mary Chain, Ida Maria, Stereolab, the Vaselines, Wilco, the Lodger, Camera Obscura, Lush, Sebadoh, Teenage Fanclub, the Strokes, Ladytron, New Order, noe post punk, noe electro, ++++

Gratis inngang. Nachspiel hos Space Ghost.